Anne Wittenberg - Selected Projects

Doceus Projects
Online Newsletter Publication Module
Developed an online newsletter publication module for a custom site. Administrators can upload articles (text and image files), add them to newsletter issues, and review, edit, and publish the issues. When publishing a newsletter, the administrator has the option to create and send an email to members notifying them of the new issue and providing a link to the new issue. The newsletter is dynamically generated when the link is clicked. Users can also search previous issues using a keyword search. The newsletter area of the site is password-protected for members only.
Communications Module
Developed a communication module that allows an administrator to create email messages and send them to selected individuals or groups. The recipient selection code uses SQL stored procedures to combine information from several SQL tables and filter the list by several criteria. The resulting list can also be used to generate mailing labels in one of three possible formats created as pdf templates or print directly to envelopes. This client's entire site is password-protected and available to members only.
Online Membership Application Module
Developed an online membership application module. Users can complete an applicaiton form online and pay for the membership with a credit card. The module processes the credit card through Verisign, saves the application form and Verisign authorization number to a SQL table, and sends a confirmation email to the user and a notification email to the organization with a link to the new application. An administrator can follow the link to a dynamically generated page containing the information or they can access all applications through an administrative interface that filters applications by date. The membership module is password protected and available only to registered users of the site.
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Other Professional Projects
NALP Conference Registration Module
Developed an online conference registration module in ColdFusion, JavaScript, and MS Access. The module provided separate registration forms for non-members and members (password-protected). Form data was saved in an MS Access table and retrieved by NALP staff using an MS Access form. (This module has been removed from site.)
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Last updated on 9/28/2005